Wednesday, January 1, 3000


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What is this blog about?

This blog was originated at a site called "The BalusC Server" which existed since may 1999 and was available on since june 2001. At 31 august 2007 that site was stopped due to the emigration plans of BalusC and its family from The Netherlands to CuraƧao. That site was hosted at a private webserver which was running right at home and it was not an option to take that webserver along to the new house. It simply didn't fit in the second life.

The two most valuable content groups of that website were the "Hardware" and the "Development" groups. The first one covers up to date overviews of all CPU's and chipsets which are ever released in mankind. But it costs too much time to be maintained and also the area of interest has been moved, so BalusC decided to stop definitely with that. It was sold to BV. The second one is moved to this blog. You can find them in the Articles bar at the right side. It's all about Java and nothing else.

What is the main language?

This blog will be a mixup of English and Dutch articles. The choice of the language will be based on the availability of comparable content somewhere else on the Internet. If there is lot of them then the article will be written in Dutch. Generally those are the "basic" Java articles (tutorials and knowledgements) which are mainly already available at The more "advanced" Java articles (best practices and useful snippets) which aren't available widely on the Internet will be written entirely in English.

What does 'BalusC' mean?

It's a concatenation of the first two characters of each name part of his full name Bauke Luitsen Scholtz. It was invented at 1995 when he as being a teen created a small ANSI DOS Batch program to select DOS games out of his collection and directly run it: "Gamemenu made by BALUSC". It had a blue Norton Commander like UI with keyboard navigation and the games were definied as name=executionpath pairs in an ini file. It was for personal purposes only. Later when he for the first encountered Internet and joined the IRC chatrooms at 1996, this acronym was used as nickname to identify himself. After quickly becoming more familiar with the netiquette and having learnt that CAPS == SHOUTING, he decided to lowercase the middle characters so that the nickname 'BalusC' was created. The last character is still uppercased, because 'everyone did it also', referring to the so-called good old l33t speak. Up to now this nickname is still unique and practically all Google hits refers uniquely to himself and/or his (former) website.

Comments on this blog

Commenting on this blog is always good, but BalusC will only respond to comments which are on-topic and thus fully related to the article where you're commenting on. For ones who are struggling with Java EE in general, it is highly recommended to post a question at Stack Overflow.

Unrelated comments on the articles of this blog might be removed sooner or later to prevent polluting of the comments.


Yes, the welcome page which you're facing is posted at 1 january 3000.
It's a little trick so that page will be kept on the top of the blog forever =)

It's actually posted at 31 august 2007.